Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Infamous Mind - Dispelling the Myths

Everything we do is a result of whatever thoughts are rooted in our mind. Our peace, joy, confusion and ideals all reside here.

When our relationships become chaotic, it is a direct reflection of what we are holding in our minds. Depending on how we let our thoughts and beliefs influence every moment of our day, determines how harmonious it will be.

We can decide to make a permanent residency with confusion OR we will decide to use our minds to create a more gratifying reality, by first DISPELLING the MYTHS we have lived by, which are not serving our highest good. Where do you stand with your beliefs? How are you choosing to live? What fears/myths are sharing your living space--in the recesses of your mind?

Let's gear up right now to receive the latest and the greatest of the new and improved, upgraded abundance blessings of perfect health, wealth, love and JOY form the Source of All That Is. Let's align for the greatest good ever known...
And So It Is!

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