Friday, August 17, 2007

Realising our Dreams

Realising dreams requires the complete vision and conviction of desire, trust in yourself and an Almighty Power and Presence.

Somewhere deep inside you, you must feel that what you dream about is possible and worth having and indeed the fact that you can think about it makes it possible!

Are you worthy of having it? Why? Sometimes it is our fear of what we haven’t been encouraged to do that frighten us into not attaining our goals, be it passing a test, attaining an item you really desire, or just simply finding new friends. Ask yourself now, “What do I want to succeed in having right now if I could manifest it? Right now.

Next week, next month or next year it could all be different, and that is fine. It is all attainable. So let’s begin with right now.

Your Climate

What is your temperature? Is it raining, snowing, hailing or sun shining inside 'where you are'? Are there tsunamis, tornadoes or hurricanes or storms brewing in your heart and mind?

What is the climate in your environment? Is it friendly, peaceful, helpful, hopeful? Or is it torrential ,angry and furious? What about rainy, moist and tearful?

Check your temperature gauge and see if it is healthy for your environment. Does it serve to expand and grow your environment, without the mold and stagnation some growth can bring? Is it an utterly unbearable climate for you or anyone else to be in comfortably?

Are you finding your balance between hot and cold and aligning yourself with your flow of well-being?

Allowing Love

Deciding to not blame someone else for our pain - does brings us instant relief. Ultimately, we don’t really want to blame them, we just really don’t want to take full responsibility for our own actions, and because of this, we tend to find the closes person to the situation to blame. NOONE can take the responsibility that is ours, no more than they can be born as us.

How we think, what we do, how we react or respond to a situation, is all on us. Our responsibility and accountability.

We all have our unique signature on this universe.

Our expression of this uniqueness is our gift to the world.

Success is based on our decisions to express. How much of it we see in our lives is based on how much we will share.

It seems that success is one and the same as our gifts. Our gifts are our love. Our love is connected to our joy. When we are successful it is the ultimate expression of joy for us. Therefore, we can surmise that success is our decision to express our joy with others.

This joy is based on the expression of truth and who we are being in life.

When we look around us, we see people dying in misery, sadness and shame for not living their lives in the joy of what they love to do. It is because of this most often, they fall prey to the illnesses and dis-ease of their fears.

Their decision to live their lives according to someone else’s truth most likely got them into living a very dull, ordinary and unsatisfactory life. If they took the time to explore their feelings, thoughts, habits and attitudes about life, they may find keys to unlock a new and fulfilling life, a life based on truth.

They may find that the “truth” is, that all of these years - they have been living life according to what has been passed on to them from society, family values, childhood fears, the media, etc. This “truth” may somehow trigger for them what it is that they really find to be true.

All of a sudden they just up and QUIT that job of 20 years! Twenty whole years of believing someone else’s truth. All of a sudden they are feeling in control of their lives. They can now take the time to allow the love of themselves and their dreams held earlier in life to come forward and take the front seat in their lives.

They now begin to allow love to fill more of the space in their lives.

Deciding to allow more love into our lives is simply allowing the walls of fear we have placed around ourselves to be melted down by the allowance of more love. We see the evidence of this when gradually, bit by bit love seems to take over where fear once dominated. We begin to see changes in our lives, health, finances, romance, socially, more success in our works.

There will be more thoughts of the things we like, rather than the things we don’t like. Therefore we will see more circumstances that we like rather than we don’t like.

So the next an issue comes up, we can look at what love will do. How can I express to myself, more love? Is there some love I am keeping out with my thoughts?

Is there a thought that can bring me relief to this situation I am in?

Is there some more love around?

There always is.

Allowing More…

Just vibing this today. Allowing ourselves to become more. A lot of time we say, “it’s just human nature to do, say or feel…”.

This statement is usually in reference to some of our actions we are seeking to support in some way. It can bring us appeasement of some kind. The truth is that the

"true nature of all things" would most likely do, say or feel something entirely different.

How can we turn this around?

It is so easy to point the finger at another for what we are experiencing.

We have to attune and atone for our own actions and how we interpret what another does or does not do.

Our tendency to blame and seek to shame others has kept us from meeting our higher self on a much more regular basis.

It really all boils down to our relationship with ourselves.

How we see ourselves.

How we treat ourselves. Until we know how to treat ourselves better we may as well leave the thought of treating another better alone.

What are the thoughts we are keeping close about who and what we are?

What thoughts dominate our minds daily?

How can we look at these thoughts and then eliminate them to fill our minds with better thoughts about ourselves?

This seems to be a very challenging effort for the majority of us.

State the intention.

Step into it.

Stay there.

Seek more of it.

Watch for how long it lasts.

Look for more and more self imposed good feelings diversions.

It is sometimes very challenging to keep our thoughts on what we need to change about ourselves. The mind keeps drifting to what happened TO us not FOR us.

If we can really receive the fact that EVERYTHING we experience happens to us for a reason, we can begin to embrace the idea that these situations and events are a gift for us to learn from.

It is how we can set the standards for our lives in the moment.

When we see clearly what just happened to us, we can take the lessons and create new guidelines for our lives and how we choose to exist.

Living more . Living freely. Living comfortably. Living peacefully. Simply Living.

Where do I want to be? Really. Am I in this place because I want to be? Or am I here trying to please another? Am I making choices based on my beliefs or those of another?

How can I turn this around?

Being Our own Reference Point

Using ourselves as our own reference point. When we do this, there begins a brand new road of discovery of self in the areas of values, love, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, communication and the way we choose to live our lives.

Our reference point, the truth we see about ourselves and our world around us is always the only thing we need focus upon. Where are we in reference to where we want to be? What will make us feel and think better about our situation right now in this moment. Is where we say we want to be, really where we want to be? What does that look and feel like? Can you describe it? What do you see? In detail.

Do you see blocks? Can you now see your intention pass all blocks?

Choosing to now be your own reference point requires the continous refining of one’s intention. Decide today to keep changing your point of view to meet your own standards.

New thoughts, ideas, values and ways of loving will cascade upon us everday as we allow others to find their own reference without judgement, self righteousness, attitudes and beliefs previously given to those we either didn’t understand or agree with.

Our lives begin to take a turn toward really living our truth.

What Are We Creating?

If we are not attracting a first rate existence, there is something wrong with our unconscious thoughts. Thoughts are things, and these things create things.

Do we deserve to be happy, joyful and peaceful?

This is a very crucial question to answer before going any further into the exploration of our manifestation abilities.

If we feel we deserve to have it all, now we can move into the next realms of possibilities for creating success in life

What we see in front of us is the sum total of all of our habitual thoughts and attitudes-things we feel about life. No matter how you choose to explain it away-thought is the gateway between the absolute results, causes and conditions. Blaming anything or anyone outside ourselves for our lack of joy, wealth and good life is truly a waste of time that is very precious to us. What we think about we attract more of. Until we learn to illuminate our truth by connecting with our good by thinking of it more often, we will not see peace, joy, ultimate health and wealth in our lives. As we think about our good more, we simply think less of what we don’t want, thereby we see what think we more about.

As we see life, believe in life, participate in life - so shall we see it be before us. Our word can only be as powerful as how we connect with the Source when we speak our word, as it is the form in which our thought takes shape and becomes what we see in our life experience. These words must have a strong conviction in which to enforce in order for them to generate the energy necessary to manifest our dreams. If we are living in fear of the next bill payment, and unpaid loan, we have a little trouble staying with the idea, that our good is all around us, at all times. The trick may be to allow our situation stir us into a thought, conviction of wealth, and begin to speak this into existence. For we know that anger and joy use the same force of energy. So, the next time you find yourself angry about your circumstances, feel the power, and use it!

Remember, having words without conviction, or conviction without words amounts to nothing.

Conviction generates the energy necessary for creation and our word distributes this energy to fruition of our goals

We live in a world where the physical, mental and spiritual are all important in order for us to have a balanced existence. We are inspired by the spiritual, we contemplate the mental, and we pray for the physical.

In our situations we sometimes get top heavy into one of these modes either become a dreamer, and intellectual, or a glutton in life. All unbalanced. We must embrace all of these planes, spiritual, mental and physical in order to live a balanced existence.

We need to go from inspiration to action, contemplation to accomplishment, prayer to performance.

We all know about being so inspired about an idea we had, and then suddenly we are saying what happened to that idea, why didn’t it come to pass?

When we say “I need to sit with this a minute”, we need not let those minutes become years with no accomplishment. Our Prayer is our power and when we choose to use this power our performance leads us to successful manifestation. It is not enough to just pray and beseech, we must follow the guidance of the answered prayer.


Our problem is not the lack of money, our issue is the lack of value for our self and each other. We don’t yet take the time to fully allow ourselves to become more valuable by recognizing and nurturing our own needs and desires. Because of this attitude about worth, we project this onto others around us, especially those in close quarters.

Now this lack of value for ourselves and others may show up in various ways: we may over indulge in things or smother our loved ones with things - just to say we care about ourselves. But we cannot see the balance in this because usually when there is the overindulgence for either party, someone loses out on the worthy treatment.

Because we live in a world where value is determined by how much material things you possess we are at a loss when we care for ourselves and others through the fears of looking like we don’t have, if we don’t give. To give because we know that giving is the only way to have is to deal directly the law of reciprocity.

All we have to do really is to continually find our re-source from our Source our Creator who provides all that exists by way of people places and things.  In fact anything we can conceive that we want.

Wisdom shared about this and other points of value is now needed in order to see a world that cultivates new values about its inhabitants, thereby experiencing a new world order.

Unlimited Universe

The Universe remains unlimited in a world that suffers a sense of limitation. Every time we speak of limitation, the universe is so abundant as it goes to work to abundantly create more limitations for us to see.

The habits we have formed of constantly thinking of what we have or don’t have, what someone else is doing or not doing, keeps us in an abundant place of lack.

The challenge of deprogramming and reprogramming the mind is ever present in our world. As individuals, it would be wise to allow ourselves to be released from old habits and patterns, one by one.

The imbalances we do see in the world are based on its inhabitants attitudes and belief in lack. The discord found in the mind of people is based on their ideas about life through the eyes of fear of….

Recognizing the attitudes and beliefs in limitation, stimulates all kinds of disturbances. Those of religious, racial, social, economic and political. We see the face of imbalance creeping out of all of these areas.

“Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”

“If we begin to live by the passage of time, rising and setting of the sun, waxing and waning of the moon, seasonal changes, we would begin to do everything in its unique and timely manner, it is at this time that we will see the world around us take a turn towards order.”

“Soul Journey To Truth”

The birds know it, the bees know it, plants, flowers, trees and the rest of creation knows this truth. We humans tend to fall short when it comes to recognition of this truth because we don’t recognising our own inherent power. Some of us continue to live our lives under a fa├žade of helplessness and hopelessness, never once looking at the circumstances and events we masterfully create on a consistent basis. Overlooking the fact that we have this innate power of creation through the use of our unique thinking mechanism - our minds.

The mind is a vast sea of consciousness that consists of everything that has ever existed. If we explore the depths and recesses of the mind, it will be the same as travelling into the Source of all things, possibilities and achievements. There we can tap into anything that has been ever imagined and achieved, to then determine how we can use this data to realise our own dreams, visions and goals. This will require the stillness of the mind. From this space comes conception of thought.

Every situation, event or relationship with life has its own life cycle and the season it passed through to come to fruition - Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. In order to complete its life cycle it must pass through all four seasons.

In Life, we sometimes cannot recognise what season it is that we are operating in and this knowledge can be extremely useful to anyone who is measuring their successes in life by the measuring stick and timing of others.

Using the cycles as your reference point will seek to make life a lot easier when it comes to meeting timelines for success in any endeavour.

The Winter Season is the first season to complete towards the cycle of absolute manifestation of an idea, vision or dream. It is in the fertile ground this season offers, that we will ALWAYS find the seed of any idea, goal or dream. Each seed of desire has the possibility of becoming as it is placed in the fertile imagination (soil), to soon take the form of the total desire.

Now in position, the seed of this dream, goal, accomplishment, challenge is likened to a baby conceived in the womb. During this season, the law of attraction inevitably, draws all thoughts, beliefs, conversations, situations and possibilities that supports this desire, quietly building and strengthening it for the time of sprouting manifestation…. the Spring.

Usually during this time, any endeavour we find ourselves pondering, conceptualising, and copulating thoughts that will eventually spring forward new sprouts of life into our world. Though just like with a baby, some of these ideas, dreams and visions never make it to birth and are aborted by our fears, doubts and lack of trust.

As these thoughts are impregnated with desires of our visions & dreams, they are nurtured through the natural course of gestation. This is certainly a time that requires patience, trust, and rest. It is a crucial time in the life of this embryo of desire, in that the decision is made whether it will last long enough to spring forward into the next season.

When we meditate on our fertile desires, we must decide if our mind is serving as rich and nourishing soil, encouraging the growth of our desires? Or is the soil dry, depleted and full of doubts. If we continually feed our thoughts with enriching desires, we keep our soil supplied with all the nutrients required for absolute manifestation in the spring season.

The Spring Season brings forth manifestation of all our ideas, dreams and visions. All of the seeds we have been nurturing have now come forward into the light of this new season. We must be careful at this stage to watch where we are walking with our ideas, dreams and visions so that we may not step on the new growth. We will begin to see how best to water and feed our thoughts, giving it light from all directions and as much as possible. In this stage we may find ourselves making new timelines, meeting people that will be pertinent to bringing our ideas into fruition. This is the time to have a focused direction in how you want this “child” to grow. “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”.

The Summer Season infuses your ideas, dreams, and visions with the sunshine of abundance. Now is the time for the excitement and enthusiasm that brings about the fullness of your creation. In its continued nourishment we find ourselves involved in meetings, timelines and other activities that are necessary for the growth and development of our ideas, dreams and visions. During this season, we continue to take special care of our ideas, dreams and visions, ensuring for yourself a bountiful, plentiful harvest.

The Autumn Season will no doubt bring you the abundance of exactly what you have put out throughout these seasons. “You reap what you sow”, is truly the theory here. If you have diligently followed the protocols of the life cycles, here is where it pays the dividends. Your harvest is bountiful and plentiful.

In all endeavours there are always the four seasons. It is up to us whether or not we will allow the seasons to shape our goals and dreams. With patience, perseverance and time it will certainly be worth the wait.

Always in the Grace of Love...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Into the Stream...

Yes, we are finally here, in the streams of wholeness!

Life has a very funny way of bringing us forward to our specific spot of destiny, even after years of denial of our gifts and talents, I am here now to share the abundance of gifts from my Creator.

For many years I have told myself that I cannot write, don't like writing, so when people told me about blogging I was like....!!! and what would the point be in going on and on and on...who would want to hear all I have to say????
Well, when you decide to live your truth, you find that you actually have a lot to share and the real point is that you do, not really who is listening.

I want to welcome you to my blog site. Everything I am sharing is from my heart. I trust that it is as inspirational and and fulfilling for you as the reader as it is for me as the writer!

All love and Endless Blessings of Peace to YOU!

Always in the Grace of LOVE...Ombassa

Precious Moments...

Moments are precious in this new era, how we utilize the time we spend on building and restoring our consciousness is mandatory to transmutation.

If we realize our connection to everything we will understand that the change begins and ends-only to begin again with -self. Sharing this wealth always brings with it a sense of worth and completion. It takes a village indeed to raise all of the children under this sun. God has given all of us the pieces to the puzzle of liberation from the chaos we see in the human race. Identification of who we are in this circle of life is key to activating the light switch .

Love is the antidote to the fear pills we have swallowed over the course of our lives. Making your Exodus…into the New will afford you the luxury of change, healing and movement into the new era.

Why waste any more of your moments?

Make your exodus simply having fun just being who you are…