Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Process of Becoming a Life Artist

A just Creator assumes (because its in its nature to do so) that we as co-creators will co-write and produce the best possible lives we can possibly imagine as Life Artist that we are.

Why then would we create any conflict/chaos??

The Infamous Mind - Dispelling the Myths

Everything we do is a result of whatever thoughts are rooted in our mind. Our peace, joy, confusion and ideals all reside here.

When our relationships become chaotic, it is a direct reflection of what we are holding in our minds. Depending on how we let our thoughts and beliefs influence every moment of our day, determines how harmonious it will be.

We can decide to make a permanent residency with confusion OR we will decide to use our minds to create a more gratifying reality, by first DISPELLING the MYTHS we have lived by, which are not serving our highest good. Where do you stand with your beliefs? How are you choosing to live? What fears/myths are sharing your living space--in the recesses of your mind?

Let's gear up right now to receive the latest and the greatest of the new and improved, upgraded abundance blessings of perfect health, wealth, love and JOY form the Source of All That Is. Let's align for the greatest good ever known...
And So It Is!

Friday, July 20, 2012

How will PLAY get rid of my stress?

P.L.A.Y. (Purposefully Loving Appreciating YOU!) offers the challenge to awaken individuals that are steeped in a stressful lifestyle to the possibility of lightening up and approaching stressful situations with new sense weightlessness and freedom.
Take a moment to ask yourself these questions:
How do I treat the things I truly love?
How am I taking care of me?
Am I treating myself with the same care as the things you love?
Am I treating myself as the special unique person that I am on the planet?
Do I treat others as I treat myself?
How do I love and appreciate myself?
Many people today walk around feeling unappreciated.  As children, we often felt some appreciation from our family and friends. However, it was a time where we loved ourselves easily enough and sought to give ourselves whatever joy we could imagine. As adults, we have to make an concerted effort to purposely love ourselves enough feel worthy of what we want. Self love is so important and P.L.A.Y. reminds us that we need only to love and appreciate ourselves as we are right now. 
Daily obligations with work, family and surroundings tend to direct our thoughts and ways of being towards worry, fears and discontentment. Our focus has shifted from inside ourselves to everything and everyone outside of ourselves.
When you truly love something you tend take care of it, you never feel to abuse it. So giving yourself, back to yourself is a gift of taking special care of yourself that you will never regret.
The tool we can use for establishing self appreciation is P.L.A.Y. The reason it works is because stress cannot occupy the space as laughter, fun and JOY! Take a moment to reflect on those feelings you had at the time when you felt most free in your life. Now, think of anything that you have done or desire to do as an adult, that brings you that same sense of freedom. Breathe slowly and deeply. Feel, embrace this feeling now and anchor it in your heart and soul. Do this as many times as it takes to shift your consciousness from outside yourself back to its rightful location--inside. If you do this practice it WILL happen.
You see, working from the inside out will never fail you as you will be constantly operating from a Divine space of destiny at work. As the Creator, the Power that dwells in and through us births nothing but goodness, grace and mercy.
Enjoy your new blueprint for a healthier mind, body and spirit on a moment to moment basis by deciding to P.L.A.Y. whenever the need arises. Intend on JOY whenever stress rears its head in your life. Breathe in and out... and anchor once again! 
Much Love, JOY and continued Blessings on your journey towards lifetime stress management!
 More information about P.L.A.Y. @ http://iwillplay.org

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where healing begins...

"Yesterday doesn't really matter when we allow ourselves to be fully present in this moment. When we choose in this moment to forgive ourselves for those things we did do and the things we didn't do, we catapult into new beginnings, a new lease on life.
It is in this moment is really where everything is...where the love and healing begin...." 

Becoming a child again...means to enter into a stress-less state of existence

As children, we were infamous for being 100 percent ourselves, with minimal struggle feeling our emotions, asking for (or commanding) what we wanted, and expressing our opinions.

As we began to grow up, hearing from those we trust that the world doesn't revolve around us. We learn that others have expectations of us. Consequently, in order to meet their approval -  win love and support from them, we endeavour to meet sometimes - impossible expectations.

By now, we have now devoted so much time and energy trying to be the person that others want us to be, that we lose touch with who we really are.  

The most important Life lesson is…
NOTHING is more significant in life than honoring your true self and expressing it to the world.

Your confidence, courage and success will begin to soar when you're truly living an authentic life, ultimately magnetizing people who admire and love you for who you are.

It is a great and tremendous feeling!

Play and laughter without question, offers us the opportunity to effortlessly tap into those feelings of freedom and authenticity we had as children. The joy and freedom experienced when we played - that childlike feeling of free expression, will be rekindled in the midst of playing, experiencing this joy again.
This feeling serves as our anchor, assisting us return to that healthy state of mind. Anchoring from this space permits us to use our accumulated wisdom to powerfully create and express a new blueprint for our lives, making a new decision to Purposefully Love and Appreciate YOU! (P.L.A.Y.!)



If you don’t invest love in yourself then what do you have to withdraw?

Are you running on an empty tank looking to fill your cup? When is the last time you had PURE FUN???

Do you appreciate yourself enough to give yourself time to PLAY?

When you  fully love and appreciate yourself, you are willing to invest time in yourself.

When you Purposely Love and Appreciate YOU!-- you are able to tap into your creative energy identifying those elements of life that are pleasing and FUN to you--your passion. When this is identified, naturally you can gravitate towards what you really want in your life.
Spending time to fill up your own tank turns you into a "Love Generator" of good cheer to share with all.

This is your life. Your playground.
Give yourself permission to play, have fun and be FREE in this PLAYGROUND of LIFE.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Process of Becoming...A Life Artist.

Just recently, last Summer,, I started a movement simply entitled, P.L.A.Y. which means Purposely Loving Appreciating YOU!.
I felt to do this because I found that playing and laughter was absent from my life and anyone who really knows me knows that I love to laugh, joke and play! Silliness is my middle name! A true gift.

For now, I am on a mission, committed to spread the fires of PLAY events your way and around the world, leaving no stone unturned.  On my radio show return debut next week (Streams of Wholeness), I will be discussing ways to get free from the daily hustle and bustle to find freedom through playing with life, creating,  doing with it what you desire. So that whatever happens for you in life, you are willing to respond with grace and ease, knowing that you are the one in control, creating life as the Life Artist that you are -- whatever your current profession.
 I am a lover of alchemy, putting the best blend of objects and situations together for a perfect end result!

I am producing events, facilitating playshops, sharing articles, broadcasting, writing books, singing, dancing, all in the name of P.L.A.Y.. As you can see I am in it. Happy to be back to share my thoughts with you on how I am in the process of becoming...a Life Artist!