Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gift yourself with the Joy of life - Dare to live again!

Moving from Grief in your Gratitude in the Present”

The holiday season has generally been considered as a time to celebrate, share gifts, and spend time with family and friends; it is known to be a time of sharing the spirit of joy and love.

In this season of joy and giving, depression will often appear when we reflect on previous occurrences such as - the loss of loved ones, jobs, relationship endings and even having to relocate your home . If the space is not created to release this grief in our lives, this dark cloud can linger on for days, months, years or even a life time.

This stagnation happens particularly in this society where we haven't learned to live with the “dark emotions” in our lives such as depression, grief, loss, sadness, and most often end up projecting it on to our loved ones.

The most devastating effects to wholeness – wellness, come from unexpressed grief.

Though grief is evident in all of our lives, the affect of repressed emotions like grief is easily noticeable in how females, particularly mothers, who don't take the time necessary to create a safe space to heal their grief. With my clients and personally (if I may add), I have witnessed the traumatic results of unexpressed grief, where we have allowed ourselves to believe that our needs are not as important as our children s needs - when healing ourselves is the greatest gift that we can give to our children.

Like all unexpressed emotions, grief can and does cause all sorts of dis-ease. It contaminates our relationships and sucks the joy out of life. Since it is true that what we “resist persists”, when we repress any emotion we are guaranteed to attract situations, experiences or circumstances that trigger the need for the healing of these emotions. It is the nature of the human Soul to always seek balance and wholeness.

Ask yourself as you read this article...
    When was the last time you took time to connect with yourself and honor who and what you are?
    Are you clear about what you want out of life?
    Are you grieving from any loss in your life?
    Are you are living a lie trying to hold it together for everyone else?
    Are you ready to feel really free?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the time may have come for you to confront and release the blockages that these unexpressed emotions have afforded you.
Grief 2 Gratitude retreat is designed to nurture and realign those who are grieving over any disappointments, unfulfillment, loss, death, divorce or relationship and although we may or may not understand that our transitions are a part of life and that every relationship at sometime must change, it doesn’t make it any less bearable. If you have put your life on hold - stopped living because of a transition, ask yourself if it is time to stop this cycle and release, let go and begin living again.
Gift yourself with life - dare to live again!
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