Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why Embrace Love?

Love of self is a much overlooked, and taken for granted component for living perfectly healthy, stress free and wholesome lives.
It is the most important ingredient needed to live our very best lives, to experience vibrant, stress less days, create fantastic relationships, take care of our families, create better communities, and perform optimally in the workplace. 
When we love ourselves completely, we connect with a Higher Power that creates worlds, one that connects everything that exist. With this connective SuperPower, we know a peace that supersedes misunderstandings, confusion, grief and pain. Religion is not needed to know the truth of this connection. Love is the Truth. Love is this Higher Power. Love is YOU.

We place other attributes or habits high on our list of ideals (how best you move each day, what you do, say, eat, etc), that all come along easily anyway , after the decision to love yourself completely. 

It time to create the very best life blueprint for the best existence you deserve. 
Why not start today by fully embracing the LOVE that you are?

Just felt like sharing this morning....

Love, Joy and Peace Always...
Ombassa Sophera