Monday, November 26, 2012

Sweet Freedom

Everyone desires to experience some sense of freedom and peace amidst chaotic events in their immediate environment. This seems to remain the constant theme of books, conversations, movies, etc.

What is this sweet freedom, this ultimate and lasting peace really worth?
Is it worth giving up your life as it is right now?
What are you willing to give up right now for the ability to be at peace and free?
What does freedom really mean to you in your life today?

We walk around each day searching for ways to escape death so we can fulfill the things we want to do in life. The funny thing is.... most often the only way to get to this fulfillment is to be willing to die. Dying to the old, to be born into the new.

Giving up old outdated ideas, habits and behaviors sounds simple but actually has many stuck between what they don't want and their ultimate dreams.

The choice is now. Now is all you have. The past nor the future matters not when making a new decision to move forward in the truth of who you are.

You are at the crossroads.  Will you make that decision today? Which road will you take this time? Road of resistance or non resistance?

Choosing the latter opens up a new world of possibilities and gifts. And since peace is already all around us, evenly present, it is then easy enough to allow it to now permeate our lives--and lead us to ultimate sweet freedom and joy.

So, the attainment of peace, is simply the allowance of peace into our world.

Well, that's from my heart to yours... All Love!