Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why Embrace Love?

Love of self is a much overlooked, and taken for granted component for living perfectly healthy, stress free and wholesome lives.
It is the most important ingredient needed to live our very best lives, to experience vibrant, stress less days, create fantastic relationships, take care of our families, create better communities, and perform optimally in the workplace. 
When we love ourselves completely, we connect with a Higher Power that creates worlds, one that connects everything that exist. With this connective SuperPower, we know a peace that supersedes misunderstandings, confusion, grief and pain. Religion is not needed to know the truth of this connection. Love is the Truth. Love is this Higher Power. Love is YOU.

We place other attributes or habits high on our list of ideals (how best you move each day, what you do, say, eat, etc), that all come along easily anyway , after the decision to love yourself completely. 

It time to create the very best life blueprint for the best existence you deserve. 
Why not start today by fully embracing the LOVE that you are?

Just felt like sharing this morning....

Love, Joy and Peace Always...
Ombassa Sophera 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

P R E S S        R E L E A S E 

Spiritual Stem Cell Approach in Newburgh, NY?
POWER P.L.A.Y. for Babyboomers

NEWBURGH, NY, 9AM, EDT, MARCH 26, 2013: Ombassa Sophera, heats up the Hudson Valley in April with a series of POWER P.L.A.Y. (Passionately Loving Appreciating YOU) events. Ordained Minister focusing on Healthy Lifestyles, Ombassa says,“POWER P.L.A.Y. is being embraced as the new, innovative method that creates a type of “lazuris effect” on anyone brave enough to indulge this entirely therapeutic, spiritual stem cell approach. which always induces endorphin-like effects fostering healthy lifestyles for the masses.
She says: “Laughter and play releases endorphins inducing a natural high. POWER P.L.A.Y. always incites the ability to rebirth your passion and zest for life, renew your spirit, reawaken and enliven the mind (all parts of brain) thereby revitalizing and regenerating your body.”
Though POWER P.L.A.Y. was initially directed toward babyboomers, it has now burned new pathways into corporate venues where meeting rooms are transformed into a huge playgrounds where executives, managers and employees re-create a personalized blueprint for lifetime stress management using various POWER P.L.A.Y. FOR CORPORATE modalities and techniques.
The POWER P.L.A.Y. Experience can consist of any blend of recreational sports, dancing, singing, contest and tournaments, nostalgic games and activities that rekindle the joy of childhood freedom while identifying blockages to peaceful relationships and successful lives. POWER P.L.A.Y. FOR SENIORS provides the unique opportunity to raise their quality of life as their we
The NY POWER P.L.A.Y. Headquarters is the Healing Arts Center at 75 Broadway in Newburgh, NY.  Ombassa  can be found there at least once a month offering these new approaches for ultimate living. If you happen to be in the Boston area you can experience POWER P.L.A.Y. the suburb of Natick at the Roots and Wings Yoga Center.
Ombassa has provided empowering and informative entertainment around the globe for over 25 years, she launched POWER P.L.A.Y. events in June 2011.
Contact: Ombassa Sophera
Phone: (404) 376 7283

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sweet Freedom

Everyone desires to experience some sense of freedom and peace amidst chaotic events in their immediate environment. This seems to remain the constant theme of books, conversations, movies, etc.

What is this sweet freedom, this ultimate and lasting peace really worth?
Is it worth giving up your life as it is right now?
What are you willing to give up right now for the ability to be at peace and free?
What does freedom really mean to you in your life today?

We walk around each day searching for ways to escape death so we can fulfill the things we want to do in life. The funny thing is.... most often the only way to get to this fulfillment is to be willing to die. Dying to the old, to be born into the new.

Giving up old outdated ideas, habits and behaviors sounds simple but actually has many stuck between what they don't want and their ultimate dreams.

The choice is now. Now is all you have. The past nor the future matters not when making a new decision to move forward in the truth of who you are.

You are at the crossroads.  Will you make that decision today? Which road will you take this time? Road of resistance or non resistance?

Choosing the latter opens up a new world of possibilities and gifts. And since peace is already all around us, evenly present, it is then easy enough to allow it to now permeate our lives--and lead us to ultimate sweet freedom and joy.

So, the attainment of peace, is simply the allowance of peace into our world.

Well, that's from my heart to yours... All Love!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Growing Up to P.L.A.Y. in a Serious World

As children, we were infamous for being 100 percent ourselves, having minimal struggle feeling our emotions, asking/demanding what we wanted, and expressing our opinions and creativity.

Growing up, we may have heard from those we trusted, that the world doesn't revolve around us, we also accepted the responsibility of the huge expectations presented by loved ones.

Consequently, in order to meet approval - win love and support of those at home and work, we now endeavor in life to meet these sometimes - impossible expectations.

In our journey from childhood to adulthood, we have devoted so much time and energy trying to be the person that others want us to be, that we have lost touch with who we really are. This leaves most searching in vain to find things outside of us to help us:
· identify who we are
· express ourselves
· bring us happiness and fulfillment

One of our most important life lessons is:
NOTHING is more significant in life than loving and honoring your true self and expressing it to the world.

Your confidence, courage and success will begin to soar when you're truly living an authentic life, ultimately magnetizing people who admire and love you for who you really are.
It is a great and tremendous feeling we all deserve!

Growing up to Purposefully Love and Appreciate You (P.L.A.Y.) - begins with simply accepting yourself, as you are.
Play and laughter without question, offers us the opportunity to release endorphins that assist us to effortlessly tap into those feelings of freedom and authenticity we had as children.

The joy and freedom experienced when we played - that childlike feeling of free expression, will be inevitably rekindled in the midst of playing, fun and laughter.
This feeling serves as our anchor, returning us to a healthy state of mind. Anchoring in this manner permits us to connect this new-found feeling with our accumulated years of wisdom to powerfully create and express a new blueprint for our lives.

Are you ready to Purposefully Love and Appreciate YOU (P.L.A.Y.) today?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Process of Becoming a Life Artist

A just Creator assumes (because its in its nature to do so) that we as co-creators will co-write and produce the best possible lives we can possibly imagine as Life Artist that we are.

Why then would we create any conflict/chaos??

The Infamous Mind - Dispelling the Myths

Everything we do is a result of whatever thoughts are rooted in our mind. Our peace, joy, confusion and ideals all reside here.

When our relationships become chaotic, it is a direct reflection of what we are holding in our minds. Depending on how we let our thoughts and beliefs influence every moment of our day, determines how harmonious it will be.

We can decide to make a permanent residency with confusion OR we will decide to use our minds to create a more gratifying reality, by first DISPELLING the MYTHS we have lived by, which are not serving our highest good. Where do you stand with your beliefs? How are you choosing to live? What fears/myths are sharing your living space--in the recesses of your mind?

Let's gear up right now to receive the latest and the greatest of the new and improved, upgraded abundance blessings of perfect health, wealth, love and JOY form the Source of All That Is. Let's align for the greatest good ever known...
And So It Is!

Friday, July 20, 2012

How will PLAY get rid of my stress?

P.L.A.Y. (Purposefully Loving Appreciating YOU!) offers the challenge to awaken individuals that are steeped in a stressful lifestyle to the possibility of lightening up and approaching stressful situations with new sense weightlessness and freedom.
Take a moment to ask yourself these questions:
How do I treat the things I truly love?
How am I taking care of me?
Am I treating myself with the same care as the things you love?
Am I treating myself as the special unique person that I am on the planet?
Do I treat others as I treat myself?
How do I love and appreciate myself?
Many people today walk around feeling unappreciated.  As children, we often felt some appreciation from our family and friends. However, it was a time where we loved ourselves easily enough and sought to give ourselves whatever joy we could imagine. As adults, we have to make an concerted effort to purposely love ourselves enough feel worthy of what we want. Self love is so important and P.L.A.Y. reminds us that we need only to love and appreciate ourselves as we are right now. 
Daily obligations with work, family and surroundings tend to direct our thoughts and ways of being towards worry, fears and discontentment. Our focus has shifted from inside ourselves to everything and everyone outside of ourselves.
When you truly love something you tend take care of it, you never feel to abuse it. So giving yourself, back to yourself is a gift of taking special care of yourself that you will never regret.
The tool we can use for establishing self appreciation is P.L.A.Y. The reason it works is because stress cannot occupy the space as laughter, fun and JOY! Take a moment to reflect on those feelings you had at the time when you felt most free in your life. Now, think of anything that you have done or desire to do as an adult, that brings you that same sense of freedom. Breathe slowly and deeply. Feel, embrace this feeling now and anchor it in your heart and soul. Do this as many times as it takes to shift your consciousness from outside yourself back to its rightful location--inside. If you do this practice it WILL happen.
You see, working from the inside out will never fail you as you will be constantly operating from a Divine space of destiny at work. As the Creator, the Power that dwells in and through us births nothing but goodness, grace and mercy.
Enjoy your new blueprint for a healthier mind, body and spirit on a moment to moment basis by deciding to P.L.A.Y. whenever the need arises. Intend on JOY whenever stress rears its head in your life. Breathe in and out... and anchor once again! 
Much Love, JOY and continued Blessings on your journey towards lifetime stress management!
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