Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Growing Up to P.L.A.Y. in a Serious World

As children, we were infamous for being 100 percent ourselves, having minimal struggle feeling our emotions, asking/demanding what we wanted, and expressing our opinions and creativity.

Growing up, we may have heard from those we trusted, that the world doesn't revolve around us, we also accepted the responsibility of the huge expectations presented by loved ones.

Consequently, in order to meet approval - win love and support of those at home and work, we now endeavor in life to meet these sometimes - impossible expectations.

In our journey from childhood to adulthood, we have devoted so much time and energy trying to be the person that others want us to be, that we have lost touch with who we really are. This leaves most searching in vain to find things outside of us to help us:
· identify who we are
· express ourselves
· bring us happiness and fulfillment

One of our most important life lessons is:
NOTHING is more significant in life than loving and honoring your true self and expressing it to the world.

Your confidence, courage and success will begin to soar when you're truly living an authentic life, ultimately magnetizing people who admire and love you for who you really are.
It is a great and tremendous feeling we all deserve!

Growing up to Purposefully Love and Appreciate You (P.L.A.Y.) - begins with simply accepting yourself, as you are.
Play and laughter without question, offers us the opportunity to release endorphins that assist us to effortlessly tap into those feelings of freedom and authenticity we had as children.

The joy and freedom experienced when we played - that childlike feeling of free expression, will be inevitably rekindled in the midst of playing, fun and laughter.
This feeling serves as our anchor, returning us to a healthy state of mind. Anchoring in this manner permits us to connect this new-found feeling with our accumulated years of wisdom to powerfully create and express a new blueprint for our lives.

Are you ready to Purposefully Love and Appreciate YOU (P.L.A.Y.) today?

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