Thursday, July 12, 2012

Process of Becoming...A Life Artist.

Just recently, last Summer,, I started a movement simply entitled, P.L.A.Y. which means Purposely Loving Appreciating YOU!.
I felt to do this because I found that playing and laughter was absent from my life and anyone who really knows me knows that I love to laugh, joke and play! Silliness is my middle name! A true gift.

For now, I am on a mission, committed to spread the fires of PLAY events your way and around the world, leaving no stone unturned.  On my radio show return debut next week (Streams of Wholeness), I will be discussing ways to get free from the daily hustle and bustle to find freedom through playing with life, creating,  doing with it what you desire. So that whatever happens for you in life, you are willing to respond with grace and ease, knowing that you are the one in control, creating life as the Life Artist that you are -- whatever your current profession.
 I am a lover of alchemy, putting the best blend of objects and situations together for a perfect end result!

I am producing events, facilitating playshops, sharing articles, broadcasting, writing books, singing, dancing, all in the name of P.L.A.Y.. As you can see I am in it. Happy to be back to share my thoughts with you on how I am in the process of becoming...a Life Artist!

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